In 2015, prior to the signing of the JCPOA (the Iran Deal), we started focusing our reporting on Iran’s economy. We mapped the economy from the ground up using open source data, and created this platform to share our research. We believe our work cuts through political factions and delivers hard-hitting investigative work that adds to transparency. As we move forward, we aim to expand beyond Iran into the region, particularly Syria, Lebanon and the wider Arab world.

Our projects include:

Style Guide for Journalists: Best practices for reporting and writing create the foundation for good journalism. This guide aims to establish such practices for Farsi language (Persian) journalism.

Iran Data Check: A research tool and search engine that mines and collates open-source data, facilitating searchability and visualization of complex economic data. Available by subscription.

Close-up: An interactive, in-depth sector specific research on the Iranian economy with special focus on bonyads. For custom-tailored research please contact us directly.

The Archival Project: An archive of hard-to-find, un-redacted source material, including major Iranian newspapers from before the 1979 Revolution. Available by subscription.

The Magazine: A visually-driven online channel of regional highlights. Coming soon.

As we grow, we endeavor to apply our in-depth research approach to other countries throughout the region. Our expertise and in-country networks include Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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