In this section, we follow up on news items from the Iranian media and link them to our ongoing research. Our goal is to provide a fuller picture of how Iran’s economy works.

Inside the Supreme Leader's Accounting Firm

Inside the Supreme Leader’s Accounting Firm

A list of companies audited by Mofid Rahbar, an accountancy that exclusively services organizations overseen by Ayatollah Khamenei's office, reveals nearly 200 private businesses linked to the regime. They include book publishing, banking and food-producing brands Iranians encounter on a daily basis.
How Iran's Regime Benefits from Gasoline Sales

How Iran’s Regime Benefits from Gasoline Sales

The Supreme Leader's Office and the large bonyads it oversees are involved in each step of the gasoline production process, from oil extraction to petrochemical production.
How the Khameneis Control Iran's Media

How the Khameneis Control Iran’s Media

The Khameneis and their family members own or control Iran's major newspapers, publishing houses, news agencies and cultural institutions.
Hepco: An Iranian Company's Death-by-Neglect

Hepco: An Iranian Company’s Death-by-Neglect

A Doublethink investigation digs up documents that show the Iranian government's persistent neglect of Hepco's privatization woes.
How Private is Iran’s “Private” Sector

How Private is Iran’s “Private” Sector

Doublethink research shows overwhelming government and bonyad ties with Iran's "private" sector.
Doublethink Updates the Reuters Report on EIKO

Doublethink Updates the Reuters Report on EIKO

A new Doublethink report sheds light on changes to information highlighted by Reuters.
U.S. Treasury

New Sanctions Target Previously Overlooked Economic Role of Iran’s Supreme Leader

A rare move by U.S. Treasury acknowledges the economic over reach of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei inside Iran. Doublethink research sheds light on the backstory.

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